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The 1939 Royal Trains Cancels
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English and French essays, similar to the 1927 and 1937 flag cancels showing a Union Jack in the upper left corner of the design were produced in February and are shown in the Post Office Proof Books.

The design was eventually modified and evolved into the two obliterators used in the Perfect cancelling machine. The dater hub of the French "Royal Train" obliterator does not slope:

,while the English dater hub had a sloping mast.

The original plan was to use purple ink for the Royal Train cancels. The initial batch used for testing purposes worked to the Post Office's satisfaction but the ink supplied for use on the train tended to smudge too much. They reverted back to the black ink on May 15 after cancelling a small number of envelopes with the purple ink. The Post Office staff are reported to have replaced the normal covers cancelled with purple ink but forwarded the registered covers. Fewer than 15 registered covers with purple ink flag cancels are thought to exist. They all have the French flag cancel and show a 3am time mark on Mai 15.

In addition to the machine flag cancels, large English and French CDS cancels were used as well. The English Post Office Book example is dated February 10 and the French is dated February 18. These are probably the dates these devices were received by the Post Office.

One major postmark error is know to exist and relates to the flag cancel. On May 22nd in Toronto, the French date, 22 Mai was inadvertently fitted into the English dater hub. On the same day the English date was used in the French dater hub.